Personal references are people who know you well but have never worked with you.
2. This can be anyone from your friend, to your cousin, to your own mom.
3. They can really speak to your character and what you care about.

Should I put my current boss as a reference?

If you’re employed but you’re looking for a new job, you might want to consider asking your current employer for a reference.
2. Your current employer can attest to your most recent skills and responsibilities.
3. As a result, hiring managers will have a much easier time validating the information on your resume.

How do companies check references?

Checking references is a key part of the hiring process for most employers.
2. This involves contacting previous employers, supervisors, schools, etc. to verify key employment and educational information.
3. It also allows employers to learn more about a candidate’s background, experiences, and skills.

What should you not say during a reference check?

You shouldn’t discuss personal details about an employee during a reference request. This can include references to her race, religion, age, disability status, ethnic origin, marital status, parenting responsibilities, or sexual orientation.

What should employers not do during a reference check?

Do not ask about any of the protected categories under the human rights statute when checking references.
2. Do not ask any questions in the reference check that you would not ask the applicant in a job interview.

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