It’s worth speaking to the candidate about any concerns you have with their former employment. You can explain the issue and ask for their side of the story, while keeping the source anonymous.
2. It’s important to hear the candidate’s side of the story if there are concerns about their former employment. You can keep the source anonymous while explaining the issue.
3. If you have concerns about the candidate’s former employment, it’s worth hearing their side of the story. You can explain the issue while keeping the source anonymous.

How old can job references be?

A common question among job seekers is “How far back can I go to ask people I’ve worked with before to be references for me?”
2. As a general rule the answer is “not more than five to seven years.”
3. You want your references to be from your most recent experiences.

Can you put an old boss down as a reference?

Having a bad boss can be especially detrimental when job hunting. This is because a future employer will most likely want to speak with your past employers- even if you don’t list them as references. If you are still employed, you can ask your current employer not to be contacted until an offer has been extended.

Can you put a friend as a reference?

It is best to choose a referee who knows you well and can give examples that support statements about your character.

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2. While friends and family can act as referees, it is often better to select someone who is not immediate family as their opinion may not be seen as biased.

What do I do if I only have one reference?

If you’re thinking about changing careers, the first step is to identify a few close friends at work who you trust.
2. Ask these friends and coworkers privately if they would be willing to serve as references.
3. Having at least three references who can vouch for your work ethic and skills will be crucial when you’re trying to break into a new field.

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