A referee cannot be related to you or in a personal relationship with you. This includes guardians, foster carers, spouses, civil partners, fiancés, and boyfriends/girlfriends.
2. A referee must not have a conflict of interest with you.
3. A referee must be able to objectively assess your suitability for the role you are applying for.

Are two references enough?

Three is the minimum number of references you should include on your job application.
2. Your references can give the employer a well-rounded impression of you as a candidate.
3. The number of references required may depend on the role and the company.

Can I list references without telling them?

Do not list someone as a reference without asking them first.
2. It is common courtesy to ask for permission before doing so.
3. Asking permission from the person you list to be your reference will prevent them from being caught off guard when they receive a call from someone unknown.
4. It may also hurt your application if you do not ask for permission.

Do employers check references for multiple candidates?

Do employers check references for all candidates?
2. No, employers do not check references for all candidates.
3. Employers only check references for candidates that are seriously being considered for a job at the end of an interview process.

Can I give 2 references instead of 3?

Two references should be sufficient if you explain the situation and the person you’re speaking to is interested.
2. Don’t forget that college jobs and part-time work are also valid references.

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