You may be rejected after a reference check. Some sources estimate that candidates are rejected 10-20% of the time after a reference check. Most often, candidates are rejected because they provided false references that were uncovered during the vetting process.

Can I fake a reference?

Most employers check references.
2. They’re going to look and see what the phone number of the company is.
3. They’re gonna look and talk to that person and ask them questions that will suss out what they did with you when you worked together.
4. So having somebody pretend to be a reference for you probably isn’t going to work.

“What happens if an interviewer doesn’t ask for a reference?”

If an employer doesn’t ask for references or schedule a future interview, then it’s likely that your candidacy has ended.
2. Checking references is usually the final step in employee screening.

Do you need 2 references on a CV?

It is traditionally thought that you should provide at least two references on your CV.
2. The first reference should ideally be from your current or former employer.
3. The second reference can be from someone who knows you well in either a professional or academic setting.

Who should be my 3 references?

Your prior managers or supervisors can attest to your work ethic and skills.
2. Your current peers or clients can speak to your ability to build relationships and deliver results.
3. Your prior peers or clients can attest to your character and work ethic.
4. Your personal references or friends can vouch for your integrity and professional skills.

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