Hiring someone to pretend to be your reference is fraud.
2. Most likely, at some point you will be found out.
3. Instead, be completely up front with potential employers.
4. Explain the situation, all while emphasizing the positive skills and attributes you can bring to the job.

What if my current employer gives me a bad reference?

You should warn your potential new employer that your reference may not be positive.
2. Take the time to explain why this is the case, without making excuses or blaming your previous company.
3. Accept responsibility for your own actions.

“What happens if you don’t have 3 references?”

Even if you don’t have any references for a job application, you can still apply and secure your desired position.
2. Without professional references, you can find alternative contacts who can give positive feedback about you to a potential employer.

What is a bad reference?

A bad reference is when a former employer suggests to your potential new employer that you might not be an ideal candidate for a job.
2. They may identify abilities or experiences that are missing from your skill set or explain reasons for your dismissal from a previous role.

Can you get rejected after references?

While it’s possible to be rejected after a reference check, it’s not as common as one might think. In fact, some sources say that candidates are only rejected 10-20% of the time. The most common reason for rejection is when a candidate provides fake references that are discovered during the vetting process.

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