It’s important to have good relationships with your previous bosses, because a prospective employer will want to speak with them whether you list them as references or not.
2. If you are still employed, you can request that your current employer not be called until an offer has been extended.

Are old coworkers good references?

Former coworkers can be some of the best references.
2. They can speak to your strengths as a team player, rather than just your work performance.
3. Co-workers whom you specifically helped in the past will most likely be happy to speak positively about you to a potential future employer.

Can you tell someone they got a bad reference?

You might think that you shouldn’t tell the candidate about a bad reference, but it’s worth asking for their side of the story.
2. Explain that there are concerns about an aspect of their application and former employment, but keep the source anonymous.
3. This will give the candidate a chance to explain their side of the story.

How do I know if I have a bad reference?

Call the human resources department and tell the representative when you worked there.
2. Ask about the process for obtaining a copy of your file.
3. Ask what the company’s practice is for providing references.
4. Ask if you are eligible for rehire.

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Is it OK to not have references on a resume?

Do not list references on your resume unless an employer asks you to.
2. You can look for alternative methods of spotlighting a former employer’s endorsement, like a recommendation letter.
3. Always check with each person you list before including them as a professional reference.

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