Job applications are all about selling yourself, so using I, me and my is standard practice.

I should start my CV in the first person to sell myself effectively.

It would be odd if I started talking about myself in the third person on my CV.

What is your best skills answer?

I have good organizational and time management skills, but my greatest strength is my ability to effectively handle multiple projects and deadlines.
My strength is my flexibility to handle change. I’m able to juggle multiple tasks and still meet deadlines.

How many pages should CV be?

The average length of a CV should be around two to three pages. Although employers do not have strict requirements on a CV’s length, two to three pages is a good length since it allows the hiring manager to digest your experience for the position they’re hiring for.

How do you explain CV in interview?

Focus on your most relevant experiences.
Spend most of your time discussing the most relevant parts of your resume.
Show what value you can add.
Mention specific accomplishments.
Highlight your skills section.
Prove that you will be a good fit.

Why does a CV get rejected?

You must ensure that when you list your jobs, you have accurate start and finish dates; usually stipulating the month and year will be sufficient. A CV without this information will be rejected because the recruiter will simply think you are trying to hide something.

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