Job seekers should aim to provide three to four professional references.
2. This is a good number to have because it provides potential employers with a good mix of people who can attest to your qualifications, work ethic, and character.

Can I use a teacher as a job reference?

Experienced educators who have observed you teach recently can make great references.
2. If you’re a recent graduate, your cooperating teacher and college supervisor can serve as references.

What are 3 things you should not put on your resume?

There is no need to include certain personal details on your resume that could send the wrong message to a prospective employer.
2. Such details include, but are not limited to, your marital status, sexual orientation, religious or political affiliations, and social security number.
3. There may be other information that a prospective employer is not allowed to ask about that you should also avoid including on your resume.

Who should be my 3 references?

Your prior managers or supervisors can attest to your work ethic and character.
2. Your current peers or clients can vouch for your abilities and skills.
3. Your personal references or friends can attest to your personal character.

Can I list someone as a reference without telling them?

Do not list someone as a reference without asking them first.

2. It is common courtesy to ask for permission before doing so.

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3. Asking permission from the person you list to be your reference will prevent them from being caught off guard when they receive a call from someone unknown.

4. It may also hurt your application.

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