During an interview for a new job, your potential employer will ask for a list of professional references.
2. The references you provide can play a pivotal role in whether or not you are offered the job.
3. When choosing your references, be sure to select individuals who will speak highly of your work ethic and abilities.

Can I put my friend as a reference?

While friends and family are acceptable referees, it is better for you to select someone who is not immediate family as their opinion may be construed as being biased.
2. It’s generally a better idea to choose a referee who is not part of your immediate family, as their opinion may be seen as biased.
3. A more impartial referee would be a better choice than a family member, as their opinion may be considered biased.
4. To avoid the appearance of bias, it is best to select a referee who is not a close friend or family member.

Can you give a poor reference?

It is commonly assumed that a previous employer must give a reference.
2. This is not the case.
3. Your employer can give you a bad or unfavourable reference, but only if they genuinely believe it to be true and accurate and have reasonable grounds for that belief.

Is it necessary to include references in CV?

A reference list can be impressive to employers and add credibility to your qualifications and experience, though it is not typically necessary to include one in your CV.
2. By including a reference list in your CV, you can show employers that you are credible and have the qualifications and experience they are looking for.

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How many reference is enough?

A literature review should provide a targeted overview of the literature. In my opinion, there are several reasons why it is best to use a maximum of three references per statement:
2. It can interrupt the flow of the paper if there are too many references.
3. It can be overwhelming for the reader if there are too many references.
4. It can make it difficult for the reader to follow the argument if there are too many references.

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