Objectives that are included reinforce goals for employers who read the resume first.
2. Objectives that are included provide a reminder of goals within the resume.
3. The decision to include or omit an objective statement is up to the applicant.
4. Both approaches are professionally acceptable.

Can resumes have color?

The answer is yes. As long as the contrast between the text and background is high, using color won’t prevent your resume from being scanned.
2. Conservative use of colors on your resume is acceptable to Applicant Tracking Systems.
3. Jan 11, 2022

Should a resume be front and back?

Do not print your resume double sided.
2. A double-sided resume looks unprofessional and makes it difficult for hiring managers to look at all of your qualifications at once.
3. If you need a two page resume to show your qualifications, print out both pages and paperclip them together.

Are 2 job references enough?

Include at least three references on your job application.
2. The employer will be able to get a better sense of who you are as a candidate if they hear from multiple people.
3. Aug 18, 2021.

Can I give 2 references instead of 3?

You don’t need to provide a list of references if you explain the situation and the person you’re talking to is interested.
2. College jobs and part-time work can also be used as references.

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