During my shadowing experience, I went to the ER, ICU, and OR.

I shadowed an ER doctor, an ICU nurse, and an OR surgeon. I observed how they interacted with patients and each other, and saw firsthand the different roles each played in the hospital setting.

2. I am currently an EMT.

I continue to work as an EMT while I am in school. I have found that my EMT training has been helpful in my current role as a medical student.

What do employers look for in a personal statement?

Show how you can do their job.
2. Include number of years experience, specialist skills and expertise, relevant industries and personal qualities.
3. Have a strong opening sentence to ‘hook’ the employer to read on.
4. End your statement by letting the employer know what you are looking for.

How do you avoid I in a personal statement?

It can be helpful to use the third-person or “it” constructions to replace personal pronouns like “You” and “I”.

2. Doing so can help to reduce the word count of your essay and make it short and precise.

3. For example, if you are writing “I conclude that”, you could replace those words with “it could be concluded that”.

How long should a personal statement be on a CV?

A personal statement should be no longer than 150 words.
2. It should include a few short sentences.
3. It should be divided into three parts.

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How do you write a killer opening to your personal statement?

I chose this book because it was given to me by a close friend, and it has always been one of my favorites.

2. This book is special to me because it was given to me by a close friend. It is one of my favorites because it is a great story with interesting characters.

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