The best way to explain such an employment gap is to write down the exact period you were off, titling it as a “planned career break.” Underneath, you can include one or two sentences on why you took it (e.g. took three years off work to care for my growing children, who are now in elementary school).
2. You may want to consider adding a planned career break to your resume if you have an employment gap. To do this, list the dates of the break and title it as such. You can also add a brief explanation of why you took the break (e.g. to care for my children).

“How do you write a CV if you haven’t worked for years?”

At the beginning of your CV, write a brief paragraph discussing why you have been absent. Keep a positive outlook by emphasizing what skills and experience you have gained during this time, and explain how these skills could be beneficial for the position you are applying for.

How long is too long of an employment gap?

If you took a two or three month break between jobs, it wouldn’t be considered an employment gap, but rather a job searching period. However, if you took a nine or ten month break, most employers would consider that an employment gap.

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How long is too long of a career break?

For how long can you take? Six months to one year is easy to explain. You can easily say that you’re burning out from your previous career and spending more time with the kids. Longer than a year can be problematic as the employer may care whether you want to work again at all.

Can I start my career after 5 years gap?

Yes, you can find a relevant job even if you have a 5-year gap in your resume after graduation.

2. However, you must be able to provide a valid reason for taking a break.

3. Secondly, you must brush up on your knowledge and upgrade your skills to be able to get hired successfully.

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