Address the gap in your stay at home mom resume by treating your experience as a stay at home mom as a position you held. Give it a title, include dates, and outline the activities, skills, and accomplishments you acquired during this time.
2. Use your stay at home mom experience as a way to fill the gap in your resume. By giving it a title, including dates, and outlining the activities, skills, and accomplishments you acquired during this time, you can make this time spent at home count.
3. Don’t let the gap in your stay at home mom resume hold you back – use it to your advantage! By including this experience as a position you held, with a title, dates, and key achievements, you can show future employers that you’re a experienced and capable individual.

Which is better housewife or homemaker?

The word for a housewife nowadays is a homemaker. This doesn’t mean that she has more responsibilities, but rather that she manages a home. According to the dictionary, a homemaker is a person, especially a woman, who is responsible for a home. The responsibilities of a housewife or homemaker are endless. Oct 27, 2016

How do you make a homemaker sound good on a resume?

Include the dates you worked as a homemaker in your resume (just the years is fine).
2. Write out a few of your homemaker accomplishments in bullet points, using specific examples and hard numbers to impress potential employers.
3. Highlight any relevant skills you gained while performing homemaking duties – both hard and soft skills.

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Is a homemaker considered a job?

While a job as a homemaker does not pay a salary, it is a rewarding endeavor for individuals who are invested in running a household and caring for a family. Full-time homemakers work around the clock, and many homemakers combine household duties with outside professional roles.

What occupation should I write for housewife?

The contemporary word for a housewife is a homemaker. Nowadays, homemaker is a more accepted term.

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