In 2022, how far back should your resume go?

The common advice is to keep the work experience in your resume between 10 to 15 years. This will give your hiring manager a general outline of your start, your growth, and where you find yourself now.

What to put on a CV if you have never worked?

Show your personality- don’t forget to include a list of your unique attributes and skills, and any other relevant personal experiences or accomplishments. Be enthusiastic about your achievements; this will shine through your CV and help you make a positive first impression.

“How do you write a CV if you haven’t worked for years?”

At the start of your CV, write a small paragraph explaining why you’ve been away. Keep positive by highlighting what skills and experience you’ve picked up during this time and emphasise why this could be relevant to the role you’re applying for. This will show employers that you’re motivated and have taken the time to upskill yourself, even when you haven’t been in paid employment.

How do you explain gaps in employment due to family?

Make a functional resume that highlights your skills and accomplishments.
2. Include a brief explanation for any gaps in your work history, such as “Devoted efforts to temporary family situation.”
3. Highlight what you did during the caregiving period to keep yourself current, including classes you took or any training you received.

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What is a stay-at-home mom called on a resume?

As a homemaker, it’s easy to get carried away when writing down a whole host of responsibilities, but you still want to leave enough room to talk about your work experience before you were a stay at home mom.

2. Make these bullet points as a homemaker count by focusing on outcomes and metrics.

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