The Bureau of Labor Statistics has not released a report yet for 2021 or 2022. But in 2020, the average decreased slightly to 4.1 years. However, that figure is still a marked improvement over mid-90’s figures. Feb 2, 2022.

Can I get a job after 5 years of gap?

Yes, you can find a relevant job even if you have a 5-year gap after graduation.
2. However, you must be able to provide a valid reason for taking a break.
3. Secondly, you must brush up on your knowledge and upgrade skills to be able to get hired successfully.

How do I explain a gap in my resume as a stay at home mom?

In the work history section of your resume, cover the employment gap by simply stating that you were raising children during this time.
2. Choose language that makes it clear that staying at home with the kids was entirely your decision and the number one reason you left your last job.

How do I go back to work after a 20 year break?

First and foremost, take the time to sit down and think about why you took a career break and what you hope to achieve by returning to work.
2. It can be helpful to talk to friends, family, or even a professional counselor to get some clarity on this.
3. Once you have a clear idea of your goals, start reaching out to your network.
4. Let them know you’re looking for opportunities and see if they have any leads for you.
5. If there are any specific skills you’d like to brush up on or learn, now is the time to do that.
6. There are a ton of online resources that can help you do this, or you can even take some classes at a local community college.
7. Volunteering is also a great way to get back into the workforce.
8. Not only will it help you give back to your community, but it can also help you make some new connections and learn some new skills.
9. And finally, don’t give up! It may take some time to find the right opportunity, but it will be worth it in the end.

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“How do I write a resume if I haven’t worked in 20 years?”

Start by making your resume skills-focused.
2. Include any volunteer work you did during your period of unemployment.
3. Emphasize your education by adding more detail to your resume education section.
4. Add any certifications you got while unemployed.

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