The table below shows the unemployed persons by duration of unemployment.
2. The data is not seasonally adjusted and the average (mean) duration is in weeks.
3. The median duration is in weeks and the percentage distribution is as follows:
4. Up to 5 weeks: 14.5%
5. 6 to 14 weeks: 31.4%
6. 15 to 26 weeks: 24.1%
7. 27 weeks and over: 30.0%

How long until you are not considered unemployed?

A person is classified as unemployed if they are without a job, available to work, and actively looking for work in the previous four weeks.

How do I hide a gap in my CV?

Be transparent about your employment gap.
2. Fill the employment gap and highlight it.
3. Provide context in a cover letter or interview.
4. Consider a different résumé format.
5. Remain optimistic.

Do employers care about gaps in resume?

Employment gaps can reflect poorly on the applicant.
To a recruiter, they may suggest someone who doesn’t stay in a job for a long time and simply quits without reason.
Gaps may indicate that someone has been let go from their position.

How do I explain a gap in employment due to depression?

You can write something like: “I had to take time off work to recover from an illness, but now I am back on track and I want to resume my career.” This statement tells the recruiter exactly why there is a gap in your resume and emphasizes that you are eager to get back in the workplace.

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