For how long can you take? Six months to one year is easy to explain. You can easily say that you’re burning out from your previous career and spending more time with your kids. Longer than a year can be problematic, as employers may care whether you even want to work again at all.

How much employment gap is acceptable?

Although there is no specific coined tenure which is regarded as a short or long employment gap, most HRs consider an employment gap of more than 9 months as a drawback, this decision can be a voluntary one or may have other external factors adding to it.

How do professionals explain gaps in employment?

Be honest about the reason for your resume gap. Recruiters aren’t necessarily concerned about the lapse itself; they’re more interested in what the gap represents.

2. Be brief and then move on.

3. Come prepared to talk about what you learned during your break.

How do I describe a large gap on my resume?

You had COVID-19: I’m so sorry to hear that you had COVID-19. What was that experience like for you?
2. You changed your career: That sounds like a really tough decision to make, but you seem like you’re really passionate about your new career path.
3. You needed a break: It’s totally understandable that you needed a break from work. Sometimes we all need a little time to recharge.
4. You went back to school: That sounds like a really great decision! Getting an education is always a good investment.
5. You were unemployed for a while: That must have been really tough for you. How did you stay positive during that time?
6. You have a gap in your employment history: That’s okay! Sometimes life happens and we have to take a detour.

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What are 4 recommendations for returning to work after a career break?

Determine what you want out of a job.

2. Reflect on your career break or sabbatical.

3. Familiarize yourself with current trends in your industry.

4. Network.

5. Improve your skills.

6. Update your resume.

7. Practice interviewing.

8. Briefly explain your career break.

9. More items….

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