Research shows that employers discriminate against jobless candidates and tend to rate employed applicants higher on hireability. Also, the longer a person is unemployed, the lower the chances of getting an interview. Jan 18, 2021.

Why are you unemployed for a long time?

The reasons freshers or professionals may be unemployed for long periods of time could be because they took some time off to take care of their family or personal life situations. Freshers may take such breaks to focus on learning new skills or getting new degrees which they may be lacking from the job market’s perspective.

Do employers look at gaps in employment?

A recruiter should be impressed that you are dedicated to finding the right job, not just desperate to escape your last one.
2. On the flip side, a good hiring manager will ask you about your employment gap because they want to understand the way you think and how you deal with different types of situations.

How far back should a resume go?

How far back should your resume go in 2022?
2. The common advice is to keep the work experience in a resume between 10 to 15 years.
3. Doing so will give your hiring manager a general outline of your start, your growth, and where you find yourself now.

How do I explain a gap in employment due to depression?

You can write something like: “I had to take time off work to recover from an illness, but now I am back on track and eager to resume my career.” This statement tells the recruiter exactly why there was a gap in your resume, and emphasizes that you are ready and willing to get back into the workplace.

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