Although it used to be common practice to list at least two references on your resume, it’s since become unnecessary in the digital age.
2. But if you’re actively searching for a new job, it can help to proactively collect references so you’re prepared in case an employer asks for that information.
3. May 31, 2022

What kind of references do employers want?

Work-related references are usually preferred by employers since they know you best in a professional setting. They can list your experience and skills, and discuss their general observations of you. These references can include coworkers, managers, clients, and vendors.

Can I use my boss as a reference?

If you’re employed but looking for a new job, you might want to consider asking your current employer for a reference.
2. Your current employer can attest to your most recent skills and responsibilities, which will make it easier for hiring managers to validate the information on your resume.

What is a good reason for leaving a job?

Some good reasons for leaving a job include company downturn, acquisition, merger or restructuring as well as the desire for change.
2. Family circumstances may also be a factor.
3. Deciding to leave a job is a tough decision.

What happens if my references change jobs?

Include your references on a separate page from your resume.

2. You can still include someone even if they have moved to another company. Include their name, present title, present company, and contact info.

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