Including a reference list in your CV can be effective in impressing employers and adding credibility to your qualifications and experience.
2. If an employer requests your references, it is important to have them readily available.
3. Including references can show that you are prepared and have taken the time to plan ahead.

Can a referee be family friend?

A referee cannot be related to you or in a personal relationship with you, such as a guardian, foster carer, spouse, civil partner, fiancé, or boyfriend/girlfriend.
2. A referee cannot live with you.
3. This rule applies as of September 30, 2022.

Can I fake a reference?

Most employers check references.
2. They will look at the phone number of the company.
3. They will talk to the person and ask them questions about what they did when you worked together.
4. Having somebody pretend to be a reference for you is not going to work.

“What happens if an interviewer doesn’t ask for a reference?”

If the employer doesn’t ask for references or schedule a future interview, then your candidacy probably ends there.
2. Checking references is usually the final step in employee screening, so if the employer doesn’t do this, your chances of being hired are slim.
3. It’s likely that you won’t get the job if the employer doesn’t ask for references or set up a follow-up interview.

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Is it OK to not put references on resume?

The key takeaways are that you should not include references on a resume unless an employer asks you to, and that you should look for alternative methods of spotlighting a former employer’s endorsement, like a recommendation letter. You should never include professional references without first checking with each person you list.

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