Examples of Weaknesses: Self-criticism, Shyness, Lack of knowledge of particular software, Public speaking, Taking criticism, Lack of experience, Inability to delegate, Lack of confidence.

2. Some examples of weaknesses include self-criticism, shyness, lack of knowledge of particular software, public speaking, taking criticism, lack of experience, inability to delegate, and lack of confidence.

What five words describe you best?

Flexible: able to change or be changed according to circumstances.
2. Hard-working: willing to work hard; not lazy.
3. Persistent: continuing to exist or occur over a long period of time.
4. Reliable: able to be trusted or depended on.
5. Enthusiastic: having or showing great excitement and interest.
6. Responsive: reacting quickly and positively to requests or demands.
7. Analytical: able to think clearly and quickly, and to understand complex ideas.
8. Confident: having or showing confidence.

What makes you unique explain?

What makes you unique? Actually translates to “What skills, qualities and experiences make you the best candidate for this job?” By asking this question, employers are inviting you to brag about yourself and your best qualities, and tell them what differentiates you from other graduate candidates.

How do you introduce yourself in 30 seconds?

I’m going to the park.

I’m going to the park.

How do you introduce yourself in 2 minutes?

When introducing yourself, you don’t need to give your whole life story. Keep it general and short. Just state your name, age, and course (if you’re a student) or your profession. You can also mention your future goals.

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