To apply, you must be either partially or totally unemployed.
2. You must be unemployed through no fault of your own.
3. You must be physically able to work.
4. You must be available for work.

Who are the long-term unemployed?

Long-term unemployment occurs when people have been unemployed for 12 months or more. The long-term unemployment rate is the proportion of unemployed people who have been unemployed for 12 months or more.

What are the 10 reasons for unemployment?

The caste system is one of the main causes of unemployment in India.
2. Inadequate economic growth is another major cause of unemployment in India.
3. The increasing population is also one of the reasons for the high unemployment rate in India.
4. Agriculture is a seasonal occupation and this leads to unemployment during the off-season.
5. The loss of small-scale/cottage industries is another reason for unemployment in India.
6. Low rates of saving and investment are also responsible for the problem of unemployment in India.
7. Ineffective (or absent) economic planning is another factor that contributes to unemployment in India.
8. Labor immobility is also a major cause of unemployment in India.

What is the polite word for unemployed?

Some people consider the phrase “unwaged” to be a more polite way of referring to people who are unemployed.

How do you say you are unemployed?

Unemployed people are idle, inactive, and jobless.
2. Underemployed people are down and free.
3. Loafing people are at liberty.

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