Spelling mistakes and bad grammar can make your CV look unprofessional and sloppy. Be sure to proofread your CV before sending it off to potential employers.

2. Focusing on duties rather than achievements can make you seem like you’re more concerned with what you have to do rather than what you can accomplish. Highlight your successes on your CV to show employers what you’re capable of.

3. Using clich├ęs can make your CV sound generic and uninspired. Instead, use specific language to convey your unique skills and experiences.

4. Incorrect information on your CV can discredit your entire application. Be sure to check and double-check the facts before including them on your CV.

5. Poor format can make your CV look unorganized and difficult to read. Use clear headers and bullet points to structure your CV in a way that is easy for employers to scan.

6. Failure to tailor your CV to the job you’re applying for can signal to employers that you’re not really interested in the position. Take the time to customize your CV for each job you apply to.

7. Job-hopping and employment gaps can be red flags for employers. If possible, try to explain any gaps in your employment history on your CV.

8. Making your CV too long can be off-putting for employers. Try to stick to one or two pages, highlighting only the most relevant and impressive information from your professional history.

What does my CV not say about me?

The perfect answer to the “tell me something about yourself not on your resume” question is short and positive.
2. Avoid negatives or unrelated personal stories.
3. Focus on your strengths, on why you want the job, or on something great about the company.
4. Keep your answer under 30 seconds.

Do people exaggerate their CV?

Exaggerating the truth or lying on a resume is not unusual, but that does not mean it is an effective way to advance your career, according to Monster’s 2019 State of the Recruiter survey. 85% of recruiters said that candidates exaggerate skills and competencies on their resumes, which is not cool.

What does a good CV look like 2022?

Make sure your CV looks professional. This means using a clean and simple layout, clear and consistent font, and highlighting job-specific information in bold.

2. Unless specifically requested, do not include references on your CV. These are not relevant until a job offer has been made.

What should I highlight in my personal statement?

I am writing to express my interest in the job/degree.

2. I am interested in the job/degree because it is a perfect match for my skills and interests.

3. I have recently had experience with the job type/course topics and I am confident that I can excel in this role/degree.

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