I am excited about this profession and employer and am keen to make my mark.

I have the drive and willingness to learn that the employer is looking for, and have demonstrated these qualities in the past. I am confident that I have the skills to excel in this job.

Whats a good CV look like?

Include your job title, company name and dates of employment for each role.
Then add up to six bullet points starting with action words and structured using accomplishment statements.
Education: include details of your degree if you’re a uni graduate and your A-levels and GCSEs if you’re writing a school-leaver CV.
30 Sept 2022

How do I make my CV like a professional?

Use a black, easy-to-read font in one size.
Use short sentences and break up blocks of text.
Use bullet points to list information.
Keep the tone formal.
Avoid abbreviations, slang or jargon.
Avoid photos or images.
Have strong headings and lots of white space.
Keep your CV to two pages.

What makes a CV look good?

A good CV is clear and concise, making every point necessary without waffling. You don’t need pages and pages of paper – you just keep things short and sweet.

A CV is a reassurance to a potential employer, it’s a chance to tick the right boxes. And if everything is satisfied, there’s a better chance of a job interview.

So make sure your CV is clear, concise and ticks all the right boxes – it could be the key to landing your dream job!

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What should not be in CV?

Don’t provide irrelevant personal information.
Don’t bury important information.
Don’t make spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors.
Don’t have unexplained gaps in employment.
Don’t lie or mislead with information.
Don’t add references to your CV.
Don’t make your CV long and waffly.
Don’t badly format your CV.

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