The lady of leisure is a woman who doesn’t have to work, especially because her husband earns a lot of money.

How do you write occupation as a housewife?

The contemporary word for a housewife is a homemaker. It doesn’t add more responsibilities as such. The responsibilities of a housewife/homemaker is endless.

How do you explain gaps in employment due to family?

Make a functional resume that highlights your skills and accomplishments.
2. Include a brief explanation for any gaps in your work history.
3. Highlight what you did during any periods of unemployment to keep yourself current.

What is a more professional way to say stay-at-home mom?

On LinkedIn, you’ll find job titles and descriptions like “Family leave,” “Domestic engineer,” “Pregnancy pause,” “CEO of Jones, Inc.,” and even SAHM and, simply, mom. We believe it’s time for a new term. Help us: What should we call a woman who took a break from the workforce to raise her children? Sep 17, 2019.

How can a housewife sound good on a resume?

Self-motivated stay-at-home mom with great housekeeping skills.

2. Reliable transportation and 100% attendance.

3. Able to multitask and stay calm under pressure.

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