A list of three references who can speak about your professional capabilities.

A friend, a mentor, or a teacher from high school or college

How many reference is enough?

A literature review should provide a targeted review of the literature, and in my view, there are several reasons why it is wise not to use too many references.
2. Using too many references can really disturb the flow of the paper.
3. Too many references may make it difficult for the reader to follow the argument.
4. It can be more convincing to the reader if the points are supported by a smaller number of well-chosen references.

Do I need 2 or 3 references?

Three references is the minimum number of references to include on your job application.
2. The employer will be able to get a better understanding of you as a candidate if they listen to multiple perspectives.
3. The number of references required may depend on the role and company.

What happens if references dont answer?

If your references don’t respond to an employer who is doing a background check, then this might reflect badly on you.
2. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will lose the job offer but it can definitely frustrate the hiring manager as they might feel like they have wasted their time.

Do you need 2 references?

Suggest one or two references that are most relevant for the job you have applied to.
2. If the employer asks for more names, or requests a specific reference such as your most recent boss, you can respond accordingly.

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