If you’re applying online for a job and there is no way to upload or post a cover letter, don’t worry about it. You don’t need one. When the employer specifically states what they want in a job application (resume, references, etc.), you don’t have to write a cover letter if it is not included on the employer’s list.

How can I make my CV look amazing?

Start strong: Start with a summary of your skills and key accomplishments.

Emphasize results rather than responsibilities: Highlight changes and growth.

Customize for the job you want: Demonstrate that you are connected.

Use power words: Show industry insight.

How do I make my CV like a professional?

Use a black, easy-to-read font in one size.
Use short sentences and break up blocks of text.
Use bullet points to list information.
Keep the tone formal.
Avoid abbreviations, slang, or jargon.
Avoid photos or images.
Have strong headings and lots of white space.
Keep your CV to two pages.

What are skills on a CV?

The best job skills to put on a resume are computer proficiency, leadership experience, communication skills, organizational know-how, people skills, collaboration talent, and problem-solving abilities.

If you want your resume to stand out, make sure to list skills in these areas!

Should you mention family in CV?

You don’t have to include details about your marital status or information about whether you have a family or not, but you can if you think your status will make your application become more attractive.

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