If the people you’ve listed as references don’t answer when an employer tries to contact them, that could make you look bad. It’s not necessarily a deal-breaker, but it can be a source of frustration for the hiring manager, who might feel like their time has been wasted.

Can references be friends?

Choose referees who know you well and can give examples that back up statements about your character.

2. It is better to select someone who is not immediate family as their opinion may be construed as being biased.

3. Ask friends or other acquaintances who can speak to your character.

Is it OK to use someone as a reference without asking?

Never just assume that a teacher or former supervisor will give you a reference. Always get their permission first, and make sure to give them enough time to make a decision.
2. If you’re planning on asking a teacher or former supervisor for a reference, always get their permission first. This way, they have time to make a decision and won’t feel blindsided.
3. Never assume that someone will be willing to be a reference for you. Always ask for permission first and give the person enough time to make a decision.
4. It’s always best to ask for permission before assuming someone will be willing to act as a reference for you. This way, they have time to decide if they’re able to commit to it.

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Do they call all 3 references?

Most employers will call your references only if you are the final candidate or one of the final two. Occasionally the final three or four.
2. Every now and then an employer will check all the people they interview, although to me that’s inconsiderate of the reference.

“What do I do if I don’t have 2 references?”

Instead of making a list, try rewriting the text.

You can also seek out an academic contact or close character reference outside of a professional setting. This can be a teacher with whom you shared a good relationship or a sports coach. Dec 7, 2021.

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