A reference from a friend

2. A reference from a mentor

3. A reference from a teacher

If you feel you have to list three such references, give a friend, a mentor, or a teacher from high school or college- someone who can speak about your professional capabilities.

Do companies actually call references?

Checking references is a common practice among employers.
2. Most Human Resources departments will call your references as part of the pre-employment screening process.
3. If you’re job hunting, you should be prepared for your references to be checked.
4. Reference checks usually happen close to the offer stage of the hiring process.

Who should my CV references be?

Your references should be verifiable, meaning that you can provide contact information that allows the employer to consult with them directly if necessary.
2. Here are several individuals who would make good references for your CV:
3. Previous and current employers
4. Managers and team leaders

Can you fake a reference?

The majority of employers check references, and if you use a fake reference, your application will be rejected. It’s not worth taking the gamble, especially if your application has a chance of success based on your actual skills and experiences.

How many references is enough?

How many references do you need?
2. Typically, you should have at least three references.
3. If you’re early in your career and have only had one or two jobs, employers will generally understand if you only have one or two references from managers.

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