We would recommend using the reverse-chronological resume format in 99% of cases. This is the most common and useful format as of 2022: Applicant tracking systems can read it without any problems, and all recruiters and hiring managers are familiar with this format.

What should the intro of a CV say?

Writing a great CV introduction is key to making a strong first impression. Keep your introduction concise and tailored to the position you’re applying for.
Use action words and CV keywords to make your statements more powerful and ATS-friendly.
Showcase your value and what you can bring to the role 10 May 202

What should be in the first paragraph of a CV?

Your professional profile should be the first thing a potential employer reads when they look at your resume.
A professional profile is basically a summary of your skills and experience that tells an employer what you have to offer them.
You should tailor your professional profile to match the job you are applying for, highlighting the skills and experience that make you the best candidate for the position.
Keep your professional profile short and concise, using language that can be easily understood by anyone reading it.

Why does a CV get rejected?

It’s important to be precise about when you list your previous jobs on your CV. Recruiters will often reject a CV if it’s lacking this information, as they’ll assume you’re trying to hide something. It’s usually enough to include the month and year.

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What font is best for CV?

Arial. This sans-serif font is perfect for branding and website or mobile design. If you’re in the creative field or are applying to a marketing job, Arial is a great choice.

Georgia. This classic serif font is perfect for resumes, cover letters, or any other formal document.

Helvetica. This simple, clean sans-serif font is perfect for both web and print design projects.

Tahoma. This versatile sans-serif font is great for both small text sizes and large display sizes.

Times New Roman. This classic serif font has been used for centuries in everything from books to newspapers. It’s a great choice for any formal document or project requiring a traditional look.

Trebuchet MS. This sans-serif font is known for its clarity at both small and large sizes, making it perfect for body text or headlines alike.

7 .Verdana .This widely used sans-seriffont was designed specificallyfor screen readability, makingit apopular choicefor web designand user interfaces

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