Your CV should have your name, professional title, and contact information at the top. Don’t bother adding “Curriculum Vitae” as a heading. Your name is all that’s needed.
On 19 May 2022, your CV will be created.

Which one comes first in a CV?

The first thing to include in your curriculum vitae (CV) is your name. Only your first name and surname are required ‒ no middle names, please. Then put your professional job title with your name. These details act as the title of your CV.

Should CV include full name?

Include your full name on your resume.

If you have a very common name, consider including your middle name or middle initial to help distinguish you from the other 30,000+ professionals who share your full name.

How many pages should a CV be?

The average length of a CV should be around two to three pages. There is no strict requirements on a CV’s length from employers, but having a CV that is two to three pages long is helpful for the hiring manager to digest your experience for the position they are hiring for.

Which is better for CV PDF or Word?

PDF resumes are the best format for your resume at the moment. They are readable by ATS and also keep your formatting and illustrations in place. You can use an online resume builder like Enhancv which downloads your resume as a PDF.

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