The biggest challenge for future marketers is how to take an ethical stance and ensure that their brand is a force for good for consumers.
2.One of the biggest challenges is making marketing feel personal.

Is marketing manager a high position?

A few years of marketing experience is important to have before you can be a marketing manager.
2. Marketing management is a mid-level role that requires a few years of marketing experience.
3. To be a marketing manager, it is important to have a few years of marketing experience.

Does marketing manager pay well?

How much does a Marketing Manager make in India?
2. The average salary for a Marketing Manager in India is ₹10,00,000.

Can marketing managers make 6 figures?

There is no reason that an experienced, full-time marketing professional with in-demand skills cannot make a six-figure income as an independent consultant in the US market.

How happy are marketing managers?

According to recent research, 51% of marketers are happy with their work.
2. The research, conducted by MarketingProfs and Mantis Research, shows that half of marketers feel fulfilled in their job.
3. Engagement at work was also measured, with half of marketers feeling engaged in their work.

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