Earlier in the 20th century, “housewife” was the preferred term for a woman who stayed at home to take care of her family.
2. However, as the Victorian focus on efficiency and sanitization began to shift in the 1950s, a new word – “homemaker” – came into vogue.
3. The term “housewife” is now considered somewhat old-fashioned, and “homemaker” is the preferred term.

How would you describe yourself as a homemaker?

A homemaker manages and maintains the home by using both human and material resources available to meet the needs of every member of the family.
2. A homemaker should work in unity with all the members of the family and community.
3. A homemaker should be polite and be able to feel for others.

What is the housewife syndrome?

The ‘housewife syndrome’ was a mental disorder diagnosed in many American housewives suffering from supposed bouts of madness and enigmatic conditions, such as hysteria or neurosis. This syndrome plagued women who showed unhappiness in their stereotypical role of homemaker in the mid-twentieth century.

What is a modern term for homemaker?

The housekeeper is responsible for keeping the house clean and tidy.
2. The househusband is responsible for doing the household chores.
3. The hausfrau is responsible for cooking and cleaning.
4. The spouse is responsible for providing love and support.
5. The stay-at-home parent is responsible for taking care of the children.

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How do you say housewife politely?

The housewife is the one who manages the family and the home.
2. The housewife is responsible for the home and the family.
3. The housewife is in charge of the home and the family.
4. The housewife is the head of the household.
5. The housewife is the one who keeps the household running.

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