Don’t get too friendly with your recruiter – it’s important to stay professional.
Don’t say you’re willing to take any job – be specific about what you’re looking for.
Avoid trashing your last company – it reflects badly on you.
If you’re not interested in the job, don’t string the recruiter along.
Don’t use the job offer as leverage to get a higher salary from your current employer.

What to do to impress recruiters?

While the position you are applying for may not require a resume, have one with you when meeting a recruiter. This will show that you are prepared and have taken the time to research the company.
Dress Appropriately! The way you dress gives insight into your career goals and first impressions matter.
Have questions ready to ask the recruiter about the company or position. This lets them know that you are truly interested in learning more and furthering your career.
Finally, be punctual! This creates a lasting impression and shows that you value their time.

What is the key word in CV?

Resume keywords are important because they help recruiters identify the specific skills and attributes they are looking for in a candidate.

Resume keywords are typically nouns or short phrases that describe your professional skills, experience, and accomplishments.

You should include resume keywords throughout your resume, including in your job titles, descriptions of your roles and responsibilities, and in your skills section.

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When choosing resume keywords, be sure to select those that are most relevant to the job you’re applying for. Including irrelevant keywords could hurt your chances of being considered for the role.

Some common resume keywords include “leadership”, “communication”, “organizational”, “project management”, and “microsoft office”.

To find out what keywords are most important for the job you want, look at the job listing and make a list of the key qualifications and requirements it mentions. These will likely be the same words or phrases that appear throughout the listing (in both the text and in any included bullet points).

What is the best time to send resume?

The best time to send your resume is in the morning, right when employers check their email. This ensures that they see your resume right away and it shows how determined you are.

Another good time to send your resume is after 9 pm. This way, employers will still see it even if they didn’t check their email during the day.

Sending your resume early in the morning (before 9 a.m.) could also be effective as it portrays determination.

Can I do CV on my phone?

You can create a resume on your phone, but there are some drawbacks.

The mobile versions of Microsoft Word, Apple’s Pages, or Google Docs can be clunky to use for creating a resume. It can also be difficult to spot typos on a small screen.

The best way to create a resume on your phone is to use a resume builder from a respected resume website. This will make the process easier and help you avoid making mistakes.

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