Include volunteer work you did during your period of unemployment.
2. Emphasize your education by adding more detail to your resume education section.
3. Add any certifications you got while unemployed.
4. Briefly explain why you haven’t been working in your resume summary.

How do I write a CV after a career break?

A career break should be highlighted if you have taken a lengthy period out of work within your recent career history. You should give the dates and can either just state ‘career break’, which is relatively neutral or give a reason for the break.

How long is too long gap on CV?

What counts as a CV gap? Most potential employers won’t even notice a gap that is shorter than a couple of months. While you might be asked to explain a shorter gap, it’s unlikely. As a general rule of thumb, be prepared to explain any gap of 3 months or longer.

Jun 1, 2020

What is a stay-at-home mom worth 2022?

Certainly, plenty of groups have tried over the years to calculate how much money a mother should earn for the 18 or so jobs she must tackle throughout the day. For example, figures the wage a mom should earn for those jobs is $126,725 in 2022, which is 9.2% higher than last year’s findings of $116,022. This research was conducted on May 5, 2022.

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How do you explain a gap to a stay-at-home mom?

In the work history section of your resume, cover the employment gap by simply stating that you were raising children during this time.
2. Choose language that makes it clear that staying at home with the kids was entirely your decision and the number one reason you left your last job.

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