Make sure to tell the company why you’re interested in working for them and what you can bring to the table.

2. It’s also important to address the letter to a specific person within the company, rather than a generic “To Whom it May Concern” address.

3. Finally, tell a story that’s not on your resume. This will help the company see you as a well-rounded individual and not just a list of accomplishments.

Do resumes need references?

Only include references on a resume if an employer asks you to.
2. Try to find other ways of highlighting a former employer’s endorsement instead of listing them as a reference.
3. Get permission from each person you want to list as a reference before including them.

What is the best font for a resume?

Arial is a great sans-serif font option for your resume if you’re in the creative field or applying to a marketing job.
2. Georgia is another great font option for your resume.
3. Helvetica is also a great font for resumes.
4. Tahoma is another great font option for resumes.
5. Times New Roman is also a great font for resumes.
6. Trebuchet MS is another great font for resumes.
7. Verdana is also a great font for resumes.

Does age matter on a resume?

You don’t need to include your age on your resume.
2. In fact, including it can put you at a disadvantage as it leaves recruiters and hiring managers with the opportunity to discriminate against you based on your age.

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What should go first on a resume?

Your current or most recent job
2. The previous job below it
3. The oldest, but still relevant, job

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