Keep your CV brief – usually two pages maximum.
2. Avoid unnecessary personal detail such as age, religion and gender.
3. Don’t write in the first person – start sentences with verbs.
4. List your career history in reverse chronological order.
5. Use positive language and avoid acronyms.
6. Check your grammar and proofread your CV.
7. Make sure your CV is tailored to the job you are applying for.
8. Use a professional email address.
9. Create a strong personal profile.
10. Use industry specific keywords.

What Colour looks good on a CV?

The best colours for a CV are usually neutral colours or darker shades of blue, purple and likewise. That said, there’s nothing wrong with using a lighter shade if that’s what you feel will work for your job application.

2. When choosing the colors for your CV, it is best to stick with neutral colors or darker shades of blue, purple, etc. However, if you feel that a lighter shade will work better for your job application, there is no harm in using it.

What colors should I use in my CV?

Black, white, and a third color is a safe resume color scheme.

2. Make one color dominant, one secondary, and use the third to place emphasis.

3. One tasteful way is to use white for the background, black for the text, and the remaining color to highlight important parts.

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What are the 5 main things your CV should include?

Every CV should include the following sections: Contact Information, CV Profile, Work Experience, Education, Skills.

2. Good additional sections to put on a CV are: Certifications, Associations, Languages, Extra Training and Courses, Conferences, Publications, or Awards.

3. Remember to keep your CV up-to-date, and don’t forget to tailor it to each job you apply for!

How should your CV look like 2022?

Ditch the objective and replace it with a professional summary
2. Take advantage of keywords
3. Utilise your skills section
4. Remove old education dates
5. Be mindful when listing work experience
6. Structure your work experience so it fits the role
7. Remove personal information

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