There are some clichéd ‘buzzwords’ that you should avoid using, such as: “team player,” “motivated,” “detail-oriented,” “communication skills,” “people management skills,” “results-driven,” “dynamic,” and “entrepreneurial.”

What colors should you avoid on a resume?

It is generally best to avoid using bright colors on your resume as they can be distracting and look unprofessional. The color on your resume should compliment it, not take the focus away from the content. Also avoid using light colors against a white background as it is difficult to read.

What color stands out on a resume?

Black and white create the highest contrast possible, so it is considered one of the best color schemes to use on a resume. You can choose a pale background and intensive dark lettering. Just keep in mind that your resume may be printed in black and white, so don’t use pale on pale. Jan 20, 2021

Should you put references on a CV?

You don’t need to list references on your CV unless specifically requested by the employer. Likewise, there’s no need to write “references available on request” – it’s a waste of space and stating the obvious. When you do give references, choose your referees carefully.

Should a CV have a photo?

In most cases, you don’t need to include a photo on your CV because they simply add no value to an application and they waste space. However, if you are in a country or industry where a photo is required, then make sure it looks professional and takes up minimal space.

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