It is best to choose someone who has supervised you professionally or who has worked closely with you to write a letter of recommendation.
2. A manager, supervisor, or even a co-worker from a casual job, can speak to your work habits or transferable skills.
3. The skills that you can take from one job to another are important to mention.

How old can job references be?

A common question among job seekers is “How far back can I go to ask people I’ve worked with before to be references for me?”
2. As a general rule the answer is “not more than five to seven years.”

Can my family member be my referee?

Do not list your family members as professional references. They cannot give an objective view of your work history, work ethic, or moral character.
2. Listing your family members as references makes you look infantile.
3. Employers are interested in your work history, work ethic, and moral character. Do not list your family members as references.

What do I do if I only have one reference?

If you’re considering a career change, the first step is to identify a few trusted coworkers who are also friends.
2. Next, ask these friends and coworkers if they would be willing to serve as references.
3. Having a few solid references can make all the difference when pursuing a new career.

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Can my colleague be my referee?

Think about asking a colleague who you worked closely with on the same projects to be a referee.
2. Colleagues make great referees as they are likely to interact with you more frequently than the big boss and could attest to your character and how you worked as a team.

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