Family members should not be used as professional references.
2. Candidates have put a family member on their reference list.
3. Anyone who fired you will either say one of two things.
4. Friends or roommates should not be used as references.
5. Anyone who’s not expecting a call should not be used as a reference.

Can I put a friend as a reference?

It’s important to choose a referee who knows you well and can provide examples that illustrate your character.

2. Friends and family can be acceptable referees, but someone who isn’t immediate family may be a better choice, as their opinion may be seen as more objective.

“Do they check everyone’s references?”

We generally don’t check references until a candidate is shortlisted.
2. Checking references is time-consuming, so we don’t do it for every candidate.
3. Even when candidates are selected for a position, we don’t always check their references.
4. References are usually more relevant for higher-profile positions.

What to do if past employer is giving bad reference?

Contact your former employer to discuss the negative reference.
2. Ask your potential employer for feedback on why the reference is causing problems.
3. Ask others for help in addressing the issue.
4. Check your other references to see if they are also causing problems.
5. Make positive changes to improve your job search.

How many candidates get a reference check?

In my experience, employers check references for 1-3 candidates they’re considering for a job.
2. It’s best to think of reference checking as something employers only do for candidates they’re seriously considering for a job.

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